Latest news:

• Sorry for the radio silence. The past few years have been crazy busy and, sadly, I’ve neglected this site. Since we last spoke, I’ve worked with the song management platform Auddly, backed by Max Martin and Björn Ulvaeus of Abba, as it’s Head of Business & Songwriter Relations. This kept me incredibly busy – so busy that I didn’t get to write as much music as I would have liked to. But now I’m working on a number of new songwriting/artist projects, so watch this space.

• In July 2015 I was honoured to be elected director for the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors. I’m looking forward, and am determined, to make our voices heard and make sure we are fairly and equitably remunerated when our work is used. I have a feeling I’ve got my work cut out for me …

• My new column on MediaGuardian, Plugged In, launched on 26 September 2012.

• I wrote my last Behind the Music for the Guardian music site 6 August 2012, and was incredibly touched by the support and kind words by all my faithful readers. This blog by MusicTechPolicy left me humbly speechless.

• MusicAlly published its Music Ally’s BritTwit 50 to Follow on Twitter in August 2012 – and I’m on it! I’ll try to live up to the expectations.

New book. I contributed a chapter to a new Swedish book called Myten om Internet (the Myths of the Internet). If you speak Swedish, you can pick it up in book stores and read more about the project here. Robert Levine, the author of Free Ride, also contributed a chapter. Mine is on the “myth of freedom of speech”.

• I attended the 2012 Digital Single Market Conference in Copenhagen. You can view what I thought about it here

• In February 2012 I took part in a panel at the Creators Conference in Brussels along with Robert Levine, debating current music industry issues – and of course piracy came up in the discussion. Watch the debate here

• Last month (August 2011) I was interviewed by Korean radio station eFM Primetime about K-Pop. Listen to the interview here:

• I recently had my first article in The Australian published (12 Sep 2011). It’s called Piracy Drowning Out Voice of New Talent. Read it here

Canadian novelis John Degen has written a blog relating to my Australian article, detailing some of the internet bullying I’ve experienced after expressing my views, adding his own experiences to the mix. It’s called: “if free culture is going to be so great, why are bullies in charge of it?

• The Australian also published an article (19 Sep 2011) I wrote about Swedish newspapers taking the decision to close the comment field, pre-moderate comments and forcing people posting comments to identify themselves.

• I spoke at the World Copyright Summit in Brussels back in June. Before the summit they posed three questions to me regarding songwriters and copyright. Here are the answers