Cosmopolitan Helienne was born in Sweden but spent her formative years in New York, where she studied music, acting and dance. A classically trained guitarist and self taught keyboardist, Helienne immersed herself in New York’s vibrant rock scene. She spent her time hanging out in clubs, performing with her band, singing on jingles and songwriting.

Her songs found their way back to Sweden, and soon publishers were beating a path to her door. Eventually, she signed a deal with BMG Music Publishing.

Now London-based, Helienne collaborates with writers and producers from both sides of the Atlantic. In Sweden she’s teamed up with Jorgen Elofsson (Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, Leona Lewis), Leif Larson (Faith Hill), Anders Hansson (Agnes, Bodies Without Organs) and Murlyn. In the US and UK, she’s worked with Steve Booker (Duffy), Andrew Todd (Republica), Steve McEwan (Faith Hill), the Wizardz of Oz (from the Matrix stable) among others.


Helienne and Roger Sanchez

Helienne and Roger Sanchez takes a break from the studio in Ibiza

She co-wrote four of the tracks on Roger Sanchez’ latest album and is working on current projects with him, co-wrote most of the band Jack’s album (Bonnier Norway) and have had several cuts on records in Germany, France, the US and Scandinavia.

In 2009, Helienne won the OutMusic award for Best Dance Single of the Year for Breathe Life, a song she co-wrote with Jack D Elliott (Kelly Rowland, Ashley Tisdale) for Brian Kent.

Helienne also writes and performs music for her own project. Her voice has been described as “Karen Carpenter after a heavy night out”.

Her cuts include


  • Roger Sanchez  / co-written first smash club single “Turn On The Music”, “Take A Chance”, “Reasons (feat Omar)” and “Don’t Tell Me”
  • Angel [Disney/Warner US] “Just The Way I Am”
  • Ana Johnsson [Sony] “What Is A Girl To Do”
  • Chris Norman [Universal/Polydor] “Tears Run Dry”, “Too Much Is Not Enough”
  • Daniel Lindström, Pop Idol Winner [Sony BMG Sweden] “Got To Be You”
  • Jack [Bonnier/Amigo] “Eating Out” + 6 more tracks for the the current album
  • Louise Hoffsten “Slow Train”
  • Elsa “Bel Ete En Enfer”
  • Hanna Pakarinen “Wasted”, “How Can I Miss You”
  • Plan Three “Achilles Heel”
  • Sunloverz feat GTO “Love Will Set You Free”
    Roger Sanchez "Come With Me"

    Roger Sanchez “Come With Me”

    Ana Johnsson "The Way I Am"

    Ana Johnsson “The Way I Am”

    Elsa "Bel Ete En Enfer"

    Elsa “Bel Ete En Enfer”