As a teenager, Helienne was recruited as a reporter for the Swedish National Radio (Sveriges Radio), presenting a weekly youth show. Soon her music career took over and she relocated to New York City.

But Helienne’s journalistic career wasn’t over, it was merely put on hold. After having spent years as a professional musician and songwriter, she relocated to London. The British publication The Guardian asked her to write a weekly blog about the 2007 X Factor competition – from a music insider’s point of view.

The Guardian website soon set her up with a weekly blog all her own, called Behind The Music. In less than a year, Helienne was nominated for the 2008 Record of the Day’s Business and Technology Writer of the Year award.

Helienne and Rosie Swash at the Record of the Day Awards

Helienne and Rosie Swash at the Record of the Day Awards

The Behind The Music blog has since established itself as the place to go to get the latest music industry news, viewed from the unique angle of a music creator.

In addition to her weekly Guardian column, Helienne writes for The Guardian’s media site ( and Comment Is Free, Netopia and the Australian. She also appears regularly on Sky News and the BBC, discussing the latest news from the turbulent industry she works in, as well as moderating and being a panellist at music conferences such as In The City.

Helienne talks to Sky News about illegal downloading

Helienne talks to Eamon Holmes on Sky’s Sunrise about World Cup Songs (2.40 min in)

Helienne talking about U2’s live streaming on Sky’s Sunrise

Helienne talks to Sky News about the success of a la carte music downloads